MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences


GSBS Room Reservations are limited to GSBS-related activities. Only requests from GSBS faculty, student and staff will be honored. Examples of acceptable events include:

While using these rooms, please be courteous of others and observe the following:

If violations of these guidelines are reported, GSBS will contact the person who requested the reservation. Multiple violations will result in denial of future room reservations from the requester and/or group.


How do I reserve a room?

  1. Look in the Calendar for your preferred room, available date and time. At least a 15 minute gap* is required between adjacent events.
  2. Fill out the GSBS Room Reservation Request form.
  3. Wait for an email confirming your reservation - typically after 1 business day.

    *30 minutes for video conference. Failure to observe this will cause your meeting time to be adjusted when you receive your confirmation.

How do I cancel a reservation?

  1. Cancellations require 48 hours advanced notice.
  2. The original requestor (or cc the original requestor) must send an email to
  3. Wait for an email confirming your cancellation - typically after 1 business day.

I need to video conference my event.