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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

H.323 Video Conferencing

These GSBS classrooms are equipped with video conference equipment using the H.323 standard and Internet Protocol (IP) through the MD Anderson Telehealth Operations Center. Connections can be made to any location with equipment also using the H.323 standard. Regular connections are made between GSBS and MD Anderson Science Park.

Considerations for planning your video conference meeting.

Considerations for taking courses via video conference.

Internet Collaboration Tools

These are client programs available on multiple platforms like Windows, OS X, iOS and Android that provide instant messaging, desktop sharing and video conferencing. While H.323 video conferencing is our preferred and consistent method of connection, internet collaboration tools do not depend on reserving specifically equipped rooms at each participating site. Highly dependent upon the stability and quality of the each participants' internet connection, especially if they are using retail internet providers.

You will need: your own account, a webcam and microphone, the latest versions of each client, a consistent internet connection and familiarity with each client's interface.

To test any of these tools, please contact to exchange contact information. If you wish to use any of these tools for your meetings, we recommend that you have had a successful test connection with each of your participants beforehand.

Webex. Students, Faculty and Staff with UTHealth login credentials can now access Webex at https://uthealth.webex.comEnter your UTHealth email address and password.

Skype. Peer to Peer and works through outside internet connections. Login with your own account. Enterprise network security protocols may adversely affect call quality. Your mileage may vary and it is highly recommended you test with each participant beforehand.