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Webex Meetings is available for remote meetings and collaborations.Please familiarize yourselves with Webex Meetings by visiting their online training on the Webex Website. Additionally, visit their Transition to Virtual Learning page.

Issues with Webex? Please check their Global Service Status page.


Those with UTHealth login credentials can access 

Those with MD Anderson login credentials can access


For Help for Webex Meetings, click on the Support link on the left hand menu, or go to To join a test meeting hosted by Webex go to 

Email: to reach GSBS IT Support. We can assist in testing by joining your meeting. 

For best results, download and use the Webex Meetings Desktop App. Instructions here. If you do not have the privileges to install programs on your institutionally managed computer, click on the down chevron to the right side of the green Start a Meeting button, and select Use Web App.


Share your personal room link to those you would like to join your video conference. They will click on this link to join. 

Users can also join your video conference via phone. This is located in the "More ways to join" section underneath your personal room link. Users will call the toll free number listed, and enter in your unique access code to join in via phone.

Click Start a Meeting to initiate a video conference.

Use either Chrome or Firefox. Allow Webex Meetings to use your webcam and mic when prompted. You may be asked to install a small Webex Meeting application to start/join video conferences.

From there, you will be able to see and speak with those who have their own cameras and microphones. Laptops will have these installed already. Users signing in through a computer will need their own webcam with a microphone to actively participate in the class.

Share your Screen. The teacher will be able to share their screen by selecting the "Share Content" button at the bottom of the Webex Meeting conference window. It looks like a box with an arrow pointing upwards. If you have a student who needs to share content, they can do the same without needing special permission to do so. 

When you share your content, a green box will be seen around the screen or program that you selected to share.

If you move your mouse to the top of your screen, a task bar will appear with multiple options, such as:

Annotate (Drawing on the screen using the mouse).

There is a "More" options button as well where you can take notes, manage panels of the conference (removing or moving chat window for example), copy meeting link or see meeting info (link name, room name, current presenter, etc).

You can end screen share by selecting the "Stop Sharing" option on the tool bar.

Ending the Session. When the class is finished, participants can leave the meeting by selecting the red x button on the bottom of their Webex Meetings conference window, then click "Leave Meeting", the person who is running the chat will see "End Meeting" instead, and will end the meeting for everyone in attendance. 


To test any of these tools, please contact to exchange contact information. If you wish to use any of these tools for your meetings, we recommend that you have had a successful test connection with each of your participants beforehand.