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NOTE: Use of any Computing and Information Technology Resources on campus falls under the following policies
Network Accounts comprised of a User ID, password and email address allow GSBS students to login to the following resources:

How do I get my network account? Your network account will be activated when the IDM hold in your student record in myUTH is cleared.

    STEP 1. Clear your IDM (Identity Management) Hold. See Michael Valladolid, GSBS IT Manager, room BSRB S3.8411 in person to verify your identity and clear this hold. Bring a current (not expired) state or federal issued photo ID - Drivers License, Passport. 
    STEP 2. You will be asked to provide a recovery email address, so make sure you have continued access to it. This email address can be used to reset your UTHealth password if you forget it. Your UTHealth User ID, email address and password recovery web link will be emailed to this address.
    STEP 3. Enroll in Two-Factor Authentication
    Recover your password here.

    • Students are issued an official UTHealth email account, Please visit the Exchange Online FAQ for more info (UTHealth internal link)
    • Mailbox Storage Space: 100GB, with 100GB Archive Space)
    • The total message size for outbound messages is 100MB.  That includes all parts of the message (To, From, Subject, body content, and attachments). Keep in mind that all attachments are decompressed for scanning.  Also, most receiving domains usually limit their receiving message size at 25MB or 50MB. 
    • Webmail: 
    • Mobile Device Support for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
    • Email Client Configuration. NOTE: VPN is required if connecting outside of the UTHealth network. Most email clients can support multiple Exchange accounts. If you are adding this as an additional Exchange account, please choose "add" instead of "change" when going through these instructions. For computers owned by your institution, you may need to solicit the help of your local IT support. Setup Instructions for: Outlook 2007/2010/2013 (Windows),  Outlook Mac 2011 (OS X), Apple Mail.App (OS X).
    • Back-up your emails (Outlook client). NOTE: your email account must be configured in an Outlook email client.
    • To check your e-mail storage space, click on the SETTINGS icon (a gear shaped icon), then click VIEW ALL OUTLOOK SETTINGS, then click GENERAL and select STORAGE to view your available space.

    Online File Storage and Sharing:
    • UTH-Share (powered by Google Apps for Education)
    • Storage Space: Unlimited

    Wireless Devices
    UTHealth and MD Anderson Buildings have wireless network connectivity with secure and guest wireless access points. It is preferred that you connect through the secure access points which will ask for login credentials. You will need to open a web browser on your device after you connect to a Guest wireless access point to confirm the connection.  
    To join the UTHealth wireless network you must first enroll your device through the portal at the link below. Follow the instructions for your device type to join!

    Free Anti-Virus Software

    Two-Factor Authentication (you must enroll to access myUTHWebmail and Employee Self Service outside the UTHealth network and VPN)
    Two-factor authentication, also known as two-step authentication, adds an additional layer of assurance onto your normal login process.  This is done by both verifying something you know, such as a password, and something you have, such as a phone.

    You must first enroll your phone by following these instructions.  Once enrolled, you will then be able to use your phone as a second factor for applications that require two-factor authentication. You may enroll any type of phone.  However, we highly recommend enrolling your smartphone with the optional smartphone app.

    On Campus Registration

    1. Connect to the UTHealth network using the secure Wifi Access Point UTHSC or use a computer in the GSBS Computer Lab S3.8112
    2. Access our Two-Factor Login page.
    3. Log in with your existing UTHealth credentials.
    4. If you have never enrolled, you will be prompted to enroll with enrollment instructions for your device.

    For further assistance on enrollment, please visit this guide.

    Off Campus Registration

    1. Contact the UTHealth Help Desk at (713) 486-4848. The Help Desk operational hours are Monday through Friday (North American Central Time CT) from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and from 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekends. 

    VPN Access
    Virtual Private Networking (VPN) enables staff, students and faculty to securely connect to the UTHealth network from home and other remote locations in order to access network resources such as shared drives, intranet sites and remote desktop enabled computers. VPN encrypts the data before it is sent across the Internet. For instructions, refer to the Working Remotely Guide.

    Online Surveys
    Qualtrics, a web-based software that allows users to create surveys and generate reports, is now available to all GSBS Faculty, Students and Staff with UTHealth login credentials. Access Qualtrics here:
    Online support for Qualtrics is available here.
    For online surveys at MD Anderson, click here. Note: this link is only accessible within the MD Anderson network.

    Office 365 ( Office 365 Education is a cloud-based service for students, faculty and staff provided as a part of the UT System Microsoft Education Agreement. This download is only for non-UTHealth computers and personal devices. The Office ProPlus (download and install) license remains active while you are associated with the university. FAQ and important policy  info at this link.

    The UTHealth Software Distribution Center at sells Windows and Mac programs at educational pricing. Please contact them for current pricing and availability. There are excellent deals on Microsoft titles. 
    OnTheHub (Search for country: United States State: Texas School: University of Texas, then scroll down to select University of Texas, Health Science Center-Houston, Department: University of Texas, Health Science Center-Houston) is a web site that provides students, faculty and staff of UTHealth a way to purchase software at a discounted price.  OnTheHub is managed by a company called Kivuto Solutions, who has partnered with Microsoft to provide the "OnTheHub" solution for schools and universities that have elected to participate in a Microsoft Education licensing agreement.

    On-Campus Computer Access
    • Graduate School .......................... GSBS Computer lab, Room S3.8112, BSRB Building (Open 24 Hours with ID Badge Access)
    • School of Public Health ............... Computer Services, Room E-11 (basement), RAS Building
    • School of Nursing ........................ Learning Resource Center, Room 306. Computer Labs, Rooms 310, 311,312. SON Building.
    • Medical School ............................ Learning Resource Center, Room G200, MSB Building.
    • Houston Academy of Medicine/TMC Library………..Microcomputer Skills Lab, Learning Resource Center, Basement

      Web Sites

      Recommended Minimum Laptop Requirements for Personal Laptops