Two-Factor Authentication is required to establish a VPN connection

The VPN connection will allow you to use your home PC to connect to your office PC using a secure connection. All applications and settings on your office PC will be available to you using the remote connection.
GSBS office computer will need to be powered on. Monitors can be turned off.
Get the VPN client:
Download and install the SonicWall Mobile Connect app from thew Windows App Store or Apple App Store.

Establishing the VPN Connection:
Testing your connection:
Connecting to your Desktop:
You may print on the printers that your office PC already has access to. You may have the ability to use your home printer during the remote session but please refrain if you routinely deal with sensitive information.
strongb>Leaving the Remote Desktop
Leaving your PC on (reconnection possible)
Rebooting your Office PC (you may have to do this if certain applications get frozen)
Right click the SonicWall Mobile Connect icon in the Windows system tray or MacOS status menu and select Disconnect.