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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

NOTE: All institution hosted resources now require VPN and Two-Factor Authentication to connect.

Institution issued laptops will need a VPN connection for network functionality.

How to VPN 

How to Video Conference

Remote Meeting and Collaboration Tools:

Webex ( (https://mdacc.webex.comInstructions

Google Meet - ( login with your UTH-Share credentials. To start a meeting, you must sign in with your UTH credentials. People who do not have UTH credentials cannot start meetings, though they can join meetings with no issue and can be invited to meetings.) Allow these to use your webcams and mics when prompted, the pop up prompts typically appear near the address bar) Instructions for Google Meet

Peoplesoft Links: Issues within these applications are handled by the UTHealth Help Desk at 713-486-4848 or

UTHealth Working Remotely Guide:

MD Anderson Working Remote Guide: 

Connecting to your Office PC remotely (GSBS)

The VPN connection will allow you to use your home PC to connect to your office PC using a secure connection. All applications and settings on your office PC will be available to you using the remote connection.
GSBS office computer will need to be powered on. Monitors can be turned off.
Download and install the VPN client and establish the VPN Connection:
Go to (you can connect to the F5 VPN web client through the web browser, if your desktop client is not connecting properly. Continue to sign in through the web browser after putting in your credentials, and select "Open F5 VPN" or "Continue with F5 VPN", should any similar messages pop up in the browser. This works the same way as your desktop client typically would.)
Testing your connection:
Connecting to your Desktop:
You may print on the printers that your office PC already has access to. You may have the ability to use your home printer during the remote session but please refrain if you routinely deal with sensitive information. If printing to your home printer is not available, please print to PDF or save to PDF and print later.
Leaving the Remote Desktop
Leaving your PC on (reconnection possible)
Rebooting your Office PC (you may have to do this if certain applications get frozen)
Click "Disconnect" on your F5 VPN application to end your secured internet connection to UTHealth servers