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Levental named 2017 T.C. Hsu Faculty Research Award recipient

September 14, 2017
Tracey Barnett

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences faculty member Ilya Levental, Ph.D., was recently named the recipient of the T.C. Hsu Endowed Faculty Research Award in Genetics and Cell Biology.

Levental is an assistant professor in the Department of Integrative Biology and Pharmacology at the McGovern Medical School at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth). At the Graduate School, he is affiliated with the Program in Biochemistry and Cell Biology.

In his lab, Levental’s overall goal is to develop strategies to modulate the mechanisms by which lateral membrane structure regulates cell function for potential treatment of human diseases.  His lab’s focus is on the functional aspects of membrane structure, specifically the partitioning of eukaryotic cell membranes into domains by preferential interactions between membrane lipids and proteins. 

“Winning the T.C. Hsu Award is a tremendous honor for me and my colleagues, said Levental. “Dr. Hsu was a pioneering and prolific cell biologist, as well as a respected leader of the scientific community in Houston and beyond; thus, it is truly humbling to be recognized for our contributions to research and education in his name. All my success is owed to the remarkably talented and diligent scientists that I have the daily pleasure of working with, including my multidisciplinary, international team and close collaborators here in Houston and all over the world. Most importantly, I’d like to acknowledge my partner in science (and in life) Dr. Kandice Levental, who is an equal contributor in all our scientific endeavors and successes.”

This award is made possible by a generous gift to the Graduate School from Margaret Hsu in honor of her father T.C. Hsu, Ph.D., who was a renowned member of both the GSBS and MD Anderson faculty. Previous recipients include Angabin Matin, Ph.D. (2007-2009), Eric Wagner, Ph.D. (2010-2012) and Nicholas Navin, Ph.D. (2013-2015).

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