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Reaching out to the GSBS community after Hurricane Harvey

August 30, 2017
On behalf of GSBS Deans Barton and Blackburn

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the Graduate School wants to do what we can for our community of GSBS students, staff and faculty.

This storm has left us with unprecedented challenges for our city and our school. Our parent institutions, MD Anderson and UTHealth, are working to return to normal operations, but the safety of our students and employees remains our top priority. Classes and clinical rotations are still canceled throughout the week and will resume on Tuesday, Sept. 5.

We know that so many of you may have suffered great losses as a result of Harvey's destruction, but please know that now that the floodwaters have finally started to recede, the road to recovery can begin, and your GSBS family is here for you during this time of need.

As we begin the recovery process, we ask GSBS students who have been impacted by the storm to contact us by emailing Emails sent to this address will be answered by GSBS Deans' Office staffers and we will work with you to get the resources you need. Also, the GSBS has 90-day interest-free emergency loans of up to $1,500 available to enrolled students. Please email Bunny Perez with GSBS Academic Affairs for more information.

Remember in this time of healing, We are GSBS.

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