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Graduate School names 2019 Kopchick Fellows

January 25, 2019
Tracey Barnett

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences is proud to announce the 2019 recipients of the Dr. John J. and Charlene Kopchick Fellowships: 

2019 Dr. John J. Kopchick Fellows

Daniela Branco
Advisor: David Followill, Ph.D.
Research project: Development of a CT metal artifact reduction algorithm for proton therapy planning in head and neck patients using gantry angles tilts

Alex Cogdill
Advisors: Jennifer A. Wargo, M.D. and James P. Allison, Ph.D.
Research project: Delineating crosstalk between gut microbiota and host immunity during treatment with checkpoint blockade

Natasha Kharas
Valentin Dragoi, Ph.D.
Research project: The effects of sleep on neuronal coding in cortical layers and behavioral performance

Roxsan Manshouri
Advisor: Don Gibbons, M.D., Ph.D.
Research project: The NuRD complex regulates ZEB1 dimerization and NSCLC metastasis

Alexis Mobley
Advisor: Jaroslaw Aronowski, Ph.D. and Louise McCullough, M.D., Ph.D.
Research project: ILC2s are integral in regulating microglia-induced neuroinflammation

Sydney Moyer
Advisor: Guillermina Lozano, Ph.D.
Research project: Mapping the tissue-specific transcriptional landscape of wild-type p53

Tristen Tellman
Advisor: Mary Farach-Carson, Ph.D.
Research project: Defining the perlecan-semaphorin receptor complex in the context of metastatic prostate cancer

2019 Charlene Kopchick Fellow

Brittany Jewell
Advisor: Dung-Fang Lee, Ph.D.
Research project: Cellular mechanisms associated with osteosarcomagenesis in Rothmund-Thomson Syndrome

These fellowships are funded through a generous $10.5 million endowment established by alumnus John J. Kopchick, Ph.D., and his wife, Charlene. Read about more about this gift here

The Dr. John J. Kopchick Fellowships are awarded to six students who demonstrate exceptional character, extracurricular leadership, research excellence and scholarly merit. Each fellowship provides $7,500 directly to the student and an additional $7,500 to support their research and training. These fellowships may be renewed for a total award period of up to two years. 

The Charlene Kopchick Fellowship is awarded to a GSBS student who demonstrates unique characteristics beyond merit and financial need. Such characteristics may include but are not be limited to first-generation college graduates entering graduate research; students who exhibit exemplary personal character; uniqueness of background and culture; strong work ethic; perceived leadership qualities and an enthusiastic scientific curiosity.  These fellowships will be in the amount $8,250 of direct aid to the student and an additional $8,250 to support the student’s research and training.  This is a one-time award to the student and is not renewable. 



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