MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

GS12 1164 Human Pathobiology

Hickson-Bick, Diane. Four semester hours. Spring, annually. Prerequisite: none

This is a one-semester course designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to human health and disease at the molecular, cellular, tissue, and system levels for each human organ system. Lectures will highlight the key elements routinely covered in medical school: histology, anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology courses with an emphasis on the understanding of the mechanisms of cell injury and death, inflammation and repair, immunopathology, vascular disturbances and carcinogenesis. The course will include two by two-hour lectures/practical periods. Students will have opportunities to examine histological and pathological specimens (using multi-headed microscopes), be introduced to human anatomy and physiology and spend time integrating knowledge into clinical scenarios. This is a required course for all students in the Clinical and Translational Sciences program,

Course Outline Human Pathobiology