MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

GS21 1341 Nano Course in Lymphatics in Health and Disease

Aldrich, Melissa. One semester hour. Fall, annually. Grading System. Pass/Fail. Prerequisite: None.

This nanocourse will familiarize students with the “other” circulatory system, the lymphatics.  This system works to promote fluid homeostasis, immune cell trafficking, cellular waste cleanup, metastasis, and plays important roles in disease states such as Alzheimer’s, lymphedema, and hypertension.  The goal is to enable budding and established researchers to suitably incorporate lymphatics into research proposals that will answer questions important to relevant pathologies.  Objectives are to be able to recount the basics of lymphatics anatomy and biology, to be able to describe imaging and bench methods for visualizing lymphatics, and to recognize pathological conditions for which lymphatic roles should be investigated.

Course Outline Nano Course in Lymphatics in Health and Disease