MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

GS14 1072 Seminar in Molecular Neuroscience

Bean, Andrew. Two semester hours. Spring, annually. Grading System: Pass or Fail. Prerequisite: none

This course covers a variety of topics generally focused on molecular mechanisms.  Each semester will emphasize a particular research area.  Examples of topic areas include development, receptor trafficking, neurotransmitter secretion, signaling, olfaction, and synaptic transmission.  The objectives of the course are to teach critical thinking, effective presentation skills, logic/persuasive writing, and scientific proposal writing.  Weekly meetings (2hrs) will have two short student presentations drawn from primary literature as well as written assignments.  Students will be given feedback (from the instructor and peers) on their presentation content/style and written feedback on their written assignments. Each student will write five Specific Aims pages based on papers presented during sessions 2-6 and subsequently generate one scientific proposal in an iterative manner (with feedback from the instructor) based on one of the Aims pages on which they have received feedback. Proposals will be presented and defended in class and final grants will be submitted on the last day of class. Students will be graded based on their oral and written work as well as class participation.  

 This course fulfills the GSBS Scientific Writing requirement.