GS04 1235 Basic and Translational Cancer Biology

Keyomarsi, Khandan; Weiger, Michael.  Five semester hours. Spring, annually. Grading System:  Letter Grade. Prerequisite: None. Audit Permitted. 

The Cancer Biology Core course will synthesize knowledge of critical aspects in human cancer biology for understanding disease development, multidimensional molecular signatures, diagnostics, and therapeutics.  This course will draw upon Dr. Robert Weinberg’s seminal textbook, The Biology of Cancer (2nd Edition), and integrate expertise from GSBS faculty to disseminate fundamental knowledge and current progress on basic, translational and clinical cancer research.  

Students enrolled in this course will be expected to perform the following activities each week.

  1. Read, process, and review (study) material from 1-2 book chapters.
  2. Read 2 research articles (e.g. primary research and review articles).
  3. Write 2 one-page literature synopses for the assigned research articles (see Course Grading for more detail).
  4. Prepare for and take course quizzes based on course readings/lectures.
  5. Participate in and contribute to course discussions during lecture, review sessions and through written formats.  

Students are expected to complete all assigned reading material (book chapters and research literature) prior to class.  While students may work and discuss all course materials and assignments in groups, all writing assignments must be the students' own work.  Plagiarism and failure to properly cite scientific literature and other sources will not be tolerated and are grounds for dismissal from the course and further GSBS disciplinary action.   

Course Outline Basic and Translational Cancer Biology