MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

GS21 1153 Hypothesis Design and Scientific Writing

Richie, Ellen; Bartholomew, Blaine. Three semester hours. Fall/annually. Grading System: Letter Grade. Prerequisite: Students must be in their second year or later years of graduate school.

The principal goal of this course is to teach graduate students the precise and rigorous writing skills needed to generate a competitive biomedical research grant application. Good writing is an important skill regardless of whether a student plans to pursue a career in academic research, teaching, biotechnology or other areas. Lectures will cover basics of grant writing including but not limited to: 1) hypothesis design and specific aims, 2) significance and innovation, and 3) preliminary data and approach. Each student will write an F31 NIH grant application including all necessary documentation, e.g., biosketch, project summary, project narrative, etc. Mentors of students enrolled in the course will be required to provide in depth and timely feedback on their student’s proposal. To ensure that students and mentors are aware of and prepared to meet their responsibilities in this course, they will be required to sign a form listing their respective commitments. Each student grant application will be subject to review by other students enrolled in the course as well as by two members of the EMC Program faculty. This course is taught at the UT-MDACC Science Park campus in Smithville, Texas.

This course fulfills the GSBS Science Writing requirement.