MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

GS02 1062 Introduction to Clinical Medical Physics

Melancon, Adam; Reeve, Donna. Two semester hours. Fall, annually. Grading System. Pass/Fail. Prerequisite: None.

This course will provide an introduction to the clinical practice of medical physics in radiology and radiation oncology clinics. The Imaging Track will cover the history of diagnostic imaging, basic clinical applications, clinical roles, patient workflow, an introduction to imaging informatics, fundamental imaging principles and system design for each imaging modality, imaging physicist duties, and safety. The Therapy Track will cover an overview of cancer, treatment options, simulation, treatment planning and delivery, as well as an introduction to oncology for specific disease sites. Both tracks will cover radiation safety, radiation detection surveys, radiation protection, accreditation, regulations and an introduction to quality control and quality assurance.