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GS12 1051 Seminars in Life Sciences

Du, Guangwei. One semester hour. Fall and Spring, annually. Grading System: Pass or Fail. Prerequisite: none.

With the goals of continuing education, being up to date with novel techniques and expanding breadth of knowledge in life sciences, students are asked to attend one weekly seminar. The attendance at any TMC seminar is accepted as long as one Faculty can attest attendance to the student's attendance. Seminars organized by the Departments of Integrative Biology/Pharmacology and Biochemistry/Molecular Biology will be held weekly during the academic year and will contain a logbook, while other seminars will be logged online.

The presentations from both Departments are typically at a level appropriate for graduate students. Speakers will include faculty from outside departments (both on- and off-campus) and departmental faculty. The seminars will consist of a formal presentation, followed by a discussion, i.e., question-and-answer session. The seminars will provide a balanced breadth of topics covering scientific sub-disciplines presented in the department and outside the main field of the departmental faculty.

Course Outline Seminars in Life Sciences