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Your degree will be issued as of the last day of the semester in which you complete degree requirements. Diplomas are ordered at the end of each semester and usually take about three months to arrive. If you need proof of your degree before your diploma arrives, please contact GSBS Academic Affairs. We will be happy to write a letter to certify that you have completed all degree requirements as soon as you have done so.

The size of the diploma is approximately 12" x 16"

PhD students: The name of the Program with which you are formally affiliated will be printed on your diploma as your area of research concentration (ARC). If you have a GSBS-approved secondary ARC, the name of the second ARC will also be printed on your diploma.

MS students: “Biomedical Sciences” will be printed on your diploma as your primary area of research concentration (ARC); if you are formally affiliated with a GSBS Program, the Program’s name will appear as your second ARC.

Alumni Information

The alumni information form is very important because we want to know what you plan to do when you leave us (if you are, in fact, leaving us). Please fill it out as completely as possible.  If you're moving and don't know what your new home address will be, please let us know as soon as you find out.

We also hope you will keep us informed when you move around in the future. You can always use our toll-free number (1-800-UTH-GSBS) to give us updates on your progress.


Our annual graduation ceremony is held at the end of the spring semester. All students who graduate during Summer, Fall, and Spring are encouraged to attend the May ceremony. A brass quintet will play and we'll have a nice reception afterwards. We hope you will come and bring your friends and relatives.

If you wish to march in the graduation ceremony, you must rent your cap, gown and hood through GSBS.
Please remember that if you are graduating in the Spring Semester, you must complete all degree requirements by the last day of the term in order to attend the graduation ceremony.

And one last thing: If you are unable to attend the graduation ceremony when you complete your degree, you may attend the following year’s ceremony. If you wish to do so, you must notify the GSBS Academic Affairs Office of your intent in January (send us an email at so that we will know to send you information about regalia rental and other details related to the ceremony.

Publishing Scams

Beware of third parties who say they want to publish your dissertation -- they may just be after your money!


In order to graduate during a particular semester, you must complete all requirements for your degree (including completion of your defense and submission of your final thesis/dissertation and exit forms) by the last day of that semester. If you finish even one day beyond this deadline, you will have to register for the next semester.


You must be registered for Thesis for Master of Science if a M.S. student or Dissertation for Doctor of Philosophy if a Ph.D. student during the semester in which you complete your degree requirements.

If you just miss a graduation deadline and your defense has been scheduled when the next term begins, you may request permission from Dr. Bill Mattox to register for just one hour of credit to save your advisor money. You should be aware that this may impact your student visa status, your ability to keep or defer student loans, or scholarships and fellowships, if any of these are applicable to you.