MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

(You may also watch this instructional video and follow along -- be sure to enter your ORCID iD at myGSBS)

  1. Set up your ORCID account and get an ORCID number.

    • Go to the ORCID website and register -- please leave the privacy setting as "public".
    • If you ever use any alternate versions of your name, be sure to click the pencil icon next to "Also known as" in the left column and then enter those name(s).

  2. Import your publications into ORCID.

    • On your ORCID page under "Works", click "Add some now".
    • Select a data source to automatically search for your publications. We recommend selecting "Scopus to ORCID" or "CrossRef Metadata" -- both are good sources for importing your journal articles.
    • With Scopus, click "Authorize" and it will search for a list of publications using your name. Be sure to review the list and carefully select those that belong to you. Follow the prompts to complete the process.
    • If desired, you can also enter additional information to your profile on your education, employment and funding. Under "+add works", you can also manually add conference posters, patents and a variety of other accomplishments.
    • Please add your GSBS Educational Institutions:
      • University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (remember, that's our new name) AND, depending on your advisor's primary institution, either:
        • University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center   or
        • University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

  3. Go to your myGSBS page and enter your ORCID number.

    • In the green box on the upper left of your ORCID page, you'll find a 16-digit ORCID iD number.
    • Click on the link here to go to myGSBS, use your institutional password to log on.
    • At your myGSBS home page, click the ADD ORCID button and enter your ORCID iD number.

That's it -- you are done! 

Be sure to check your ORCID page every six months and update it as necessary. When you publish papers, log on to your ORCID account, select "add works" and then important your publications from Scopus to update them.  

If you have questions, feel free to contact Michael Valladolid at GSBS or Laurissa Gann at the MD Anderson Research Medical Library.