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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Responsibilities of all Committee Members:

  1. Read the proposal in advance of the examination. If you have serious concerns, contact the committee chair.

  2. Arrive at the exam on time. All committee members must be present.

  3. If you cannot attend the exam, you must notify the student and exam committee chair immediately.

  4. If you are unfamiliar with the exam format, discuss this with the committee chair.

  5. After the exam, be available to the student to discuss their performance on the exam. In the case of a conditional pass or re-exam, it is appropriate to give the student advice on how to address specific issues.

  6. Keep exam results confidential. Discuss them only with the student's advisor, committee members and GSBS.

Responsibilities of the Exam Committee Chair:

  1. Meet with the student as early as possible before the exam to answer any questions and discuss the exam process.

  2. For an exam to be valid, all exam committee members must be present. In case a committee member cannot attend, contact Dr. William Mattox at GSBS (Cell: 713/294-9747), to determine how to proceed.

  3. At the exam, check that all committee members understand the exam format and possible outcomes.

  4. Ask committee members to share their evaluation of the written proposal before the oral presentation begins (this is generally done while the student is outside the room)..

  5. During the exam, make sure that all members have an opportunity to ask questions. Politely intervene if a question is inappropriate or a member is taking too much time.

  6. Oversee the deliberations and make sure that all viewpoints are considered. See to it that a careful decision about bypassing the Masters Degree is reached.

  7. Communicate the exam result as simply and clearly as possible to the student. Briefly discuss reasons for the decision.

  8. Complete the evaluation form and return it with the exam results to GSBS.

  9. IMPORTANT: If the result of the exam is a Conditional Pass or Retake, the chair is responsible for providing an email to the student that describes the issues that were encountered in the exam and how they should be remedied. This email should also provide a deadline for meeting the condition or scheduling the re-exam. The email should be copied to all committee members and to Bunny Perez at GSBS.