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Although individual Programs may have pools of faculty that are required to serve on the Examining Committees of their students, the composition of exam committees must also comply with the following general GSBS guidelines:

The Examining Committee form is part of the Petition for the Ph.D. Candidacy Exam

Upon approval by the Academic Standards Committee, the Examining Committee and the student are notified by the Dean and sent instructions for the exam.

If it is necessary to change the composition of the Examining Committee after it has been approved by the Academic Standards Committee, go to the Academic Forms page on the GSBS website to find the committee change form. 

If a member of the Examining Committee is unable to attend the examination, a substitute who meets the same criteria (e.g., outside the student's major interest or from another department/Program) must be added. The individual must be a GSBS faculty member. The student should send an email to Dr. Mattox and copy the committee chair as well as the substitute member to request approval of the substitution.