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Objectives And Functions Of The Academic Standards Committee

The Academic Standards Committee (ASC) is responsible for maintaining the highest academic standards in GSBS degree programs and for ensuring that Faculty policies concerning academic standards are carried out. One of the Committee's principal functions is to monitor and facilitate student progress toward the completion of the M.S. or Ph.D. program of study.

In practice, the ASC reviews appointments to all student Advisory and Examining Committees; considers requests by students for waiver or substitution of GSBS degree requirements; reviews degree plans and reports of examinations; reviews proposals by students on resolving academic difficulties; and considers reports of academic inadequacy. Decisions by the ASC on all these matters are forwarded as recommendations to the Dean of the Graduate School who renders final decisions for GSBS and informs students of the outcome.

Requests for appointment of student committees, requests for waiver or substitution of GSBS requirements, petitions for candidacy, requests for examinations and defense, and notifications of the results of examinations are submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA), GSBS, BSRB 3.8451. The OAA makes a preliminary review of the documents, suggests additions or revisions, and distributes the materials to the Academic Standards Committee or the Dean, as appropriate.

Reports on the meetings of students' Advisory Committees are to be submitted to the OAA.

The policies and procedures described here have been reviewed and approved by the ASC, the Dean, and the GSBS Faculty.