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Inclement weather conditions or natural disasters severe enough to cause closure are very rare, but when they do occur GSBS policy is as follows:

Personal Refuge:  UTHealth and MD Anderson are not equipped to serve as a shelter during a hurricane or other emergency situation.  Only ride-out team members (whose job responsibilities require their presence on a 24-hour basis) will be permitted access to facilities.  Family members and pets will not be permitted to shelter at any UTHealth  or MD Anderson facility during a hurricane or other emergency situation.

Students should check the following web sites:

For students working at MDACC:

For students working at UTHealth:

For students working at TAMHSC/IBT:

Staff and students can also log onto for a complete list of area closings, including UTHealth Schools.

Other sources of information:

Traffic Incidents and Road Closures

• Houston Transtar

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