To register for classes, go to myUTH.  You may also download the myUTH Campus Mobile app from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. If you have a problem with your MyUTH login, call the UT Help Desk at 713-486-4848 between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm on weekdays.

Dates to remember/SPRING 2018: (only applicable to degree-seeking students)

Minimum hours for full-time status: 9 credit hours (Spring)

Contact the following for:

Registration Reminders:

Tutorials at MD Anderson:

If you will be doing a tutorial or joining a lab at MD Anderson, please contact Jeannette McGee as soon as possible at 713/745-5257 or

Health Insurance Certification and Documentation Requirements

Part Time Registration

Part-time registration requires prior approval from Dr. Bill Mattox, Associate Dean for Graduate Education.

1. Students on a visa should contact the Office of International Affairs and GSBS regarding any plans to register part time.

2. If you have a scholarship/fellowship, are on a visa, or receive financial aid, registering part time may impact your eligibility.  Please contact the sponsor of this aid to determine how this change in status will affect your continued support.

3. Students on their final semester may request part-time registration only if a petition for defense has been approved and received in the GSBS Office of Academic Affairs by the time of registration.

Payment of Tuition and Fees (T&F):

Self-Funded Students – See below for information related to Payment:



Sponsored Students – The Sponsorship Authorization Form should be submitted by December 18, 2017 and must be submitted electronically using this form.  Please follow the GSBS-Specific Guide when completing the form.  The sponsorship form is submitted directly to the Bursar’s Office by the sponsoring faculty member or designee.  After Jan. 5, 2018, a late payment fee will be added to the student’s term bill (Students are responsible for paying any late fees).  If the T&F are not sponsored by 5:00 p.m. on Feb. 5, 2018, the student’s registration will be canceled.  The Registrar will make no exceptions to this rule and the student will not be reinstated for the fall semester.

SPECIAL NOTE TO STUDENTS – Please verify that your sponsor has paid your T&F for the fall semester. To check on the status of your T&F payment, first make sure you have registered for classes for the fall semester. Then, log in to MyUTH, enter your User ID and password, from the Student Services Center click on the Account Inquiry/Charges Due tab. At the bottom of the page, choose the Fall Term “View Statement” hyperlink. The statement will reflect a sponsored payment if the student has been assigned to a sponsor contract. If the sponsor payment does not appear on your Spring Statement, please contact your sponsor to see what arrangements are being made to sponsor your T&F before the deadline.  Sponsorship forms sent the last week of registration may not be posted in your MyUTH account until after the deadline.  Check with your department to make sure they have a printed copy showing the date sent to Bursar’s office.

What fees are not covered by sponsorship forms:

ALLOWABILITY – NIH guidelines permit the payment of T&F for a student supported on a research grant, since this is standard practice that will apply to all students at GSBS. When T&F payment is requested from an active NIH grant, the appropriate institutional officials (the PAF team at UTHealth, or Grants and Contracts Accounting at M.D. Anderson) may contact the PI, if necessary, to get the information needed to approve the payment locally. [In UTHealth, the PAF team may request submission of a certification form of the type shown on the GSBS Website at or accessed directly at] Please contact your institutional Sponsored Projects Administration with any questions about inclusion of T&F in the budgets of future grant applications that you anticipate may fund GSBS students.