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Sponsorship of Tuition and Fees 

To sponsor a GSBS student’s tuition and fees (T&F), a Sponsorship Authorization Form can be submitted on-line, to authorize payment from a specified fund or account.


Click here to access the on-line Sponsorship Authorization Form.  Please follow the GSBS-Specific Guide when completing the form.


The recommended deadline to submit the form is generally 2 weeks before the 1st day of class.  

The actual deadline is 5 p.m., Friday before the 1st day of class.  After that, the student is charged a late payment fee.  If a form is not submitted by the 20th day of class for Fall and Spring terms (15th day for Summer term), the student’s enrollment will be cancelled/dropped for that semester.  The Registrar’s Office will make no exceptions to this rule and the student will not be reinstated for that semester.

Click the GSBS Registration website for the latest deadline dates.


Some time after the 20th day of class, the Bursar’s Office begins the billing process.  The billing and payment process vary depending on the institution and account entered to pay for the student’s T&F:


NIH guidelines permit the payment of T&F for a student supported on a research grant, since this is standard practice that will apply to all students at GSBS. When T&F payment is requested from an active NIH grant, the appropriate institutional officials (the PAF team at UTHealth, or Grants and Contracts Accounting at M.D. Anderson) may contact the PI, if necessary, to get the information needed to approve the payment locally. [In UTHealth, the PAF team may request submission of a certification form of the type shown on the GSBS Website at or accessed directly at] Please contact your institutional Sponsored Projects Administration with any questions about inclusion of T&F in the budgets of future grant applications that you anticipate may fund GSBS students.


Students should ALWAYS check their account statement each semester at least 1 week before the payment deadline date, and take appropriate actions if the balance is not yet $0. 

If there is any balance after the payment deadline date, a late payment fee will be added to the student’s term bill.  Students are responsible for paying any late fees. 


GSBS Finance 713-500-8801

Bursar’s Office 713-500-3088