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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Financial Assistance

For entering PhD students

Graduate Research Assistantships (GRA) are provided to all PhD students. These assistantships require no service other than degree-related academic activities.  GRAs are valued at $46,760 per year and include: 

For continuing PhD students 

After sixteen months of support, GSBS students are supported by their faculty advisor through traineeships, research assistantships, or through a number of special fellowships. All these awards carry the same benefits and at least the same level of stipend as described above for entering students.

In addition, however, a variety of additional awards and opportunities are available to current GSBS students:

For entering MS students

Students entering the individualized MS program are responsible for their own tuition and fees. Assistantships may be offered in select laboratories. It is the responsibility of the student to discuss assistantships with potential faculty advisors. Assistantships may partially or completely cover tuition, fees, as well as a yearly stipend.

MS students are encouraged to apply for financial aid through the Office of Student Financial Services.

Financial Policies and Information