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Alumni Playbook

A Guide On Forming Alumni Chapters

The GSBS has begun an initiative to bring alumni the opportunity to organize chapters in their geographic locations. These chapters will serve as a social and professional network, community engagement, as well as a resource for current GSBS students. In order to foster a more connected GSBS community, we feel that creating these chapters will be a huge step in the right direction!

Any alumni can join a local chapter, participate in GSBS events, and mentor current students if they so choose. The opportunities will be numerous and the benefits many. The GSBS will offer assistance but the freedom to create chapters will be given to our alumni. Begin gathering your fellow alums for social mixers, professional networking opportunities, participate at GSBS events, and give back to your local communities!

The choice is yours when it comes to how you would like to engage with your fellow alums and the GSBS. Make as large of an impact as you would like. The following outlined steps will help you on your way to creating the best alumni chapters in your region! Have fun and expand your group of GSBS family. Welcome to the new alumni association.

For any questions or concerns, please contact

Step One: Express Interest in Forming a Chapter

  • Submit the GSBS Alumni Chapter Interest form
  • A member of our office will contact you

Step Two: Form an Interest Group in Geographic Area

  • Obtain a geographic alumni list
  • Contact and meet with alums
  • Keep a detailed and fluid list of interest

Step Three: Get Organized

  • Organize a meeting with interested alums
  • Review goals for forming the chapter
  • Discuss communication strategies
  • Brainstorm chapter activities
  • Decide on fundraising needs/member dues
  • Evaluate chapter leadership
  • Formulate meeting schedule

Step Four: Launch Event

  • Organize the launch event
  • Determine date, time and location
  • Send out a save the date
  • Announce chapter goals and membership
  • Keep a list of those who attended

Step Five: Continue Meeting Schedule and Events

  • Formulate regular meeting schedule
  • Decide on number and type of events
  • Maintain communications with members
  • Regularly update GSBS on membership
  • Take photos of events and milestones

Don’t Overlook:

  • Special events at GSBS
  • Community outreach and volunteering

Chapter Support from GSBS:

  • Email lists and marketing
  • Website real estate and web hosting of files
  • Event assistance and social media awareness