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Want to be featured in the Class Notes section of the GSBS Alumni Magazine?

Have news of a union, the birth of a child, professional developments, travels, or anything you would like your classmates to know?  Let us know by completing the Class Notes Submission Form!

Please refer to examples provided below when submitting your note.  If you would like to include a photo with your submission, please be sure that the image that you submit meets the guidelines for photo publication (guidelines below).

GSBS reserves the right to edit submissions for clarity and length.

Example submissions for Alumni Class Notes


(Ms/Mr/Dr) Jane Adams (1994/Mentor) and (Ms/Mr/Dr) John Doe, Sept. 26, 2015.  They live in Austin, TX .


(Ms/Mr/Dr) Jane Adams (1994/Mentor) and (Ms/Mr/Dr) John Doe (1992/Advisor), Chicago, IL, welcomed a daughter, Elizabeth, November 16, 2015.  Elizabeth joins brother John, 3.

New Job

(Ms/Mr/Dr) Jane Adams (1994/Mentor) has been promoted to senior vice president of Your Favorite Company, Houston, TX.  He will lead the international sales of Your Favorite Company and continue to strengthen the ties between the company’s sales channels and brand.


(Ms/Mr/Dr) Jane Adams (1994/Mentor) has received a Gold Medal Award for excellence in the field of marketing, for her national advertising campaign for the A & B Group.


(Ms/Mr/Dr) Jane Adams (1994/Mentor) was recognized by the Association of X & Y as one of the year’s best marketing directors.  This is the third recognition of Adams by the Association of X & Y.  Adams currently resides in Dallas, TX.

Photo Submission Guidelines

Only high-resolution photographs will be accepted for publication in the GSBS Alumni Magazine.  All submitted images must be at least 300 pixels per inch (ppi) in resolution to ensure quality print reproduction.  The chart below shows the proper resolution of various image sizes at 300 ppi. Please submit high-resolution photos to

Print size                                                             Image Resolution

3.5” x 5”                                                               1050 x 1500

4” x 6”                                                                   1200 x 1800

5” x 7”                                                                   1500 x 2100

8” x 10”                                                                 2400 x 3000