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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

E-Mentoring Program

Dear Alumni,

In the GSBS Dean’s Office we are acutely interested in the outcomes of our past and present graduate students. While we pride ourselves on training students to perform biomedical research and advising students on how to pursue an academic career path, an ever-widening array of career choices for Ph.D. graduates makes it difficult for the GSBS to provide students guidance related to all of their options post graduation.

With an increase in the number of graduate students pursuing non-academic careers, our strategy for training a well-informed student begins with an appreciation of the matter and support from the Deans, faculty, and alumni of the GSBS.  We have begun several initiatives to increase our student’s appreciation of the importance of career development.  Beginning at their orientation, and continuing throughout their research training, there are many opportunities for students to broaden their thinking about career options.  However, we likely have one of the best resources for our current students in our alumni!

To this end, we are writing to ask for your assistance with a renewed initiative on electronic mentoring (e-mentoring).  The goal of this program is to provide mentorship to students in preparation for the next step in their career whether it is in the academic, non-academic, clinical, or industrial sectors.  This initiative can only be successful with your help.  We need volunteers that are willing to spare time to provide guidance to our graduate students.  This interaction could take place by phone, electronically, or in person.  You would be providing a critical resource needed to help bridge the gap in real-world experience that could really help our students.  

If you are willing to participate in the program please complete a short survey below so that we can construct a searchable database from which current students can choose those alumni whose experience they believe could be helpful.