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AMBR's mission can be summarized as "Access. Support. Outreach." which addresses our primary objectives. "Access" exemplifies our goal to ensure that minorities or individuals that traditionally lack access to resources have access to higher education and are actively recruited to GSBS. "Support" exemplifies our goal to ensure that these students at GSBS have a supportive community and access to resources that cater to their needs and assist them in their educational, academic, and career endeavors. "Outreach" exemplifies our goal to work with other GSBS organizations in serving our local community.
We emphasize that our definition of "minority" is any individual who identifies as one in the aforementioned social categories of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, national origin, socioeconomic status, disability or handicap etc or are statistically underrepresented in the field of biomedical research.


To support minorities in the field of biomedical sciences by enhancing the professional development of minority biomedical students in the GSBS.

Our Goals

  1. Promote the scholarship of minority students during their training period through professional growth experiences that will stimulate they success in graduate school and transition into future careers.
  2. Provide a supportive environment through scholarly and social activities that enable AMBR participants to achieve the best possible outcomes during their graduate education.


The Association of Minority Biomedical Researchers will be featuring interviews with its members as a way to highlight GSBS students and life inside and outside of the lab. This feature will be posted below and the AMBR Facebook page.

Interview 1: Medina Colic

Interview 2: Jeanne Manalo

Interview 3: Ángel Garcés

Interview 4: Alexis Mobley

Interview 5: Tanner Wright

Interview 6: Sreeja Sridharan

2019-2020 Officers

President: Ayesha Khan

Secretary: Ashabari Mukherjee

Treasurer: Ileana Corsi

Outreach Chair:  Rosa Santana Carrero

Media Relations Coordinator: 

Events Coordinator: 

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