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CPRIT Training Grant

The Future of Cancer Research: Training Program for Basic and Translational Scientists

The CPRIT Training Grant at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center is a training program funded by the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas and provides a strong academic foundation to launch the careers of new cancer researchers by leveraging the outstanding faculty expertise and cancer research environment provided by MD Anderson and GSBS. The specific goals of the program for our predoctoral trainees are to: 

  1. Generate a strong basic science platform for studies in cancer-related disciplines. Each predoctoral trainee is expected to achieve a fundamental understanding of molecular and cellular mechanisms or biophysical concepts related to cancer.
  2. Provide exposure to cancer research subspecialties, translational cancer research, cross-disciplinary training and stimulate critical thinking skills.
  3. Groom future leaders in cancer research through career development and ethical training.
  4. Provide high-quality mentoring by prominent cancer researchers.

The CPRIT training grant has funding for nine predoctoral (7 supported by CPRIT and 2 supported by funds from MD Anderson) + five post-doctoral trainees + fifty undergraduate summer students (20 supported by CPRIT, 10 supported by GSBS, 10 supported by MD Anderson and 10 supported by the Cancer Center Core Grant).

Eligibility for predoctoral trainees:

Call for applications – Spring of 2018

We expect to send out the next call for applications for predoctoral trainees with application guidelines in the Spring of 2018.

For graduating students interested in a postdoctoral slot for the training program, or any other questions please contact the program director, Dr. Khandan Keyomarsi, or the program manager, Mr. Alex Gomez.

Program Director

Khandan Keyomarsi, PhD
Hubert L. and Olive Stringer Professor in Medical Oncology
Distinguished Teaching Professor
Director, TRIUMPH post-doctoral program
Director, Cancer Biology Graduate program
Department of Experimental Oncology

The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
6565 MD Anderson Blvd. Unit 1052
Houston, Texas 77030-4009


Stephanie Watowich, PhD
Professor, Department of Immunology
Co-Director, Center for Inflammation and Cancer

UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
P.O. Box 301402, Unit 902
Houston, TX 77030-1904

Current CPRIT Training Grant Mentor List for Pre-doctoral Students


Title and Department

Allison, James, PhD

Professor, Chair, Immunology

Arur, Swathi, PhD

Assistant Professor, Genetics

Bankson, Jim, PhD

Associate Professor, Imaging Physics

Barton, Michelle, PhD

Professor, Epigenetics & Mol Carcinogenesis, Dean, GSBS

Bedford, Mark, PhD

Professor, Epigenetics & Mol Carcinogenesis

Behringer, Richard PhD

Professor, Genetics

Broaddus, Russell, MD, PhD

Professor, Pathology Admin

Chen, Junjie, PhD

Professor, Chair, Experimental Radiation Oncology

Curran, Michael, PhD

Assistant Professor, Immunology

Dent, Sharon, PhD

Professor, Chair,  Epigenetics &  Mol Carcinogenesis

DePinho, Ronald, MD

Professor, Cancer Biology

Galko, Michael, PhD

Associate Professor, Genetics

Gallick, Gary, PhD

Professor, Genitourinary Med Oncology-Research

Gandhi, Varsha, PhD

Professor, Chair Experimental Therapeutics

Hazle, John, PhD

Professor, Chair, Imaging Physics

Hung, Mien-Chie, PhD

Professor, Chair, Molecular & Cellular Oncology

Johnson, David

Professor, Epigenetics & Mol Carcinogenesis

Keyomarsi, Khandan, PhD

Professor, Experimental Radiation Oncology

Krahe, Ralf, PhD

Professor, Genetics

Lozano, Guillermina, PhD

Professor, Chair, Genetics

Maitra, Anirban, MBBS

Professor, Pathology Admin

McCrea, Pierre, PhD

Professor, Genetics

Navin, Nicholas, PhD

Associate Professor, Genetics

Piwinica-Worms, David, MD, PhD

Professor, Chair, Cancer Systems Imaging

Piwinica-Worms, Helen, PhD

Professor, Experimental Radiation Oncology

Plunkett, William, PhD

Professor, Experimental Therapeutics

Richie, Ellen, PhD

Professor, Epigenetics & Molecular Carcinogenesis

Shi, Xiaobing, PhD

Associate Professor,   Epigenetics & Mol Carcinogenesis

Sood, Anil, MD

Professor, Gyn Onc & Reproductive Med

Sun, Shao-Cong, PhD

Professor, Immunology

Watowich, Stephanie, PhD

Professor, Immunology

Wood, Richard, PhD

Professor, Epigenetics & Mol Carcinogenesis

Yu, Dihua, MD, PhD

Professor, Molecular & Cellular Oncology