MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Clinical Shadowing & Community Engagement

Purpose/Goal: to enable exposure to and understanding of the patient population most immediately affected by the Trainee's research (T1/T2 translation); to promote understanding and awareness of the public population that will benefit from translational research (T3/T4)

Trainees will have the opportunity to observe clinical trials, observe routine clinical practices in a specialist clinic, and participate in local community engagement discussions to facilitate implementation of health practices to the local community. Through these experiences, Trainees also will gain a sense of the bidirectional [laboratory <==> community] nature of translational science.

Year 1: Trainees spend an equivalent of two half-days per month in a clinic specializing in the care of patients with diseases or disorders related to the Trainee's project.

Year 2: Trainees choose one or more of the following:

Attend a project-related clinic one day per month
Attend a clinical trial clinic one day per month
Attend community engagement activities