MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Translational Science Seminar Series

The TL1 Program Monthly Seminar Series is an opportunity for peer education, discussion, and debate about translational science.

Postdoctoral TL1 trainees will formally present their graduate or current research topics at the first meetings, which will help establish the training value of personalized opportunities for each trainee as well as begin community interactions and opportunities for critiques within the group. Throughout the course of the year, predoctoral trainees will also present their research projects.

In addition, there will be special topic and career development seminars, selected with trainee input, with 2-3 external speakers.

Year 1 trainees write 2 abstracts (for scientific and lay audiences) about their own research and how their research is translational. These are reviewed by all trainees as well as program leadership and discussed as coaching opportunities during this workshop period.

Year 2 trainees write a case study or disease profile, based on their previous clinical shadowing experience, and discuss translational research relevant to the topic.