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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Important notice:

Due to concerns about the COVID-19 outbreak, the May 9 Commencement has been canceled.  
Additional information is available here.
Although the deans and staff are extremely disappointed, the health of graduates, their families and friends, and faculty, is a top priority - and your understanding of this difficult decision is appreciated.

For Our Graduates

The 2020 Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences' Commencement exercises promise to be an exciting time as we celebrate the accomplishments of our graduates. By recognizing and acknowledging the excellence of our students and faculty, we spotlight GSBS tradition. We are proud of our students - they are the heart of our school.

We feel this Commencement celebration will be a culminating experience for graduates, families, and friends; a capstone of students' time at GSBS and a fitting finale to years of hard work and sacrifice.

Join us for this memorable and happy occasion!

Expected Arrival for Graduates

Graduates should plan to arrive at the venue by 8:45 am on the day of the ceremony to ensure that they will be dressed in their regalia and lined up in the correct order in time for the event. GSBS staff will be available to assist graduates, their families, friends, visitors, and faculty.

Please note that doors to Stude Hall (the auditorium where ceremony takes place) will be open at 9:00 am for guests.

Who Can Walk?

GSBS graduates who completed all the requirements for their degrees in the Summer 2019 term, the Fall 2019 term, or will complete them in the Spring 2020 term may "walk" (participate) in the ceremony. If you plan to graduate in the Spring 2020 term and participate in this year's ceremony, you must complete all requirements for the degree by the end of workday, May 1, 2020. "All requirements" means submission to the GSBS Office of Academic Affairs, Attention: Bunny Perez (, 713-500-9871):

     1. signed Results of Defense forms (both pages),

     2. a scientifically approved (by the Student's Advisory Committee) and stylistically correct (approved by GSBS) original Thesis or Dissertation, and

     3. all exit forms.

Duration of your Email Accounts

Your UTHealth email account ending in will be deleted 90 days from the end of your final term of enrollment. For example, if Spring 2020 term is your final term, then your email account will be deleted around August 10, 2020.
If you will be transitioning within these 90 days to employee status or registering for Fall 2020 to pursue another degree at UTHealth then your email account will remain active.
Please refer to the GSBS IT policies page here
Instructions to back-up your UTHealth email after it has been configured in an Outlook email client can be found here.