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GS14 1181 Graduate Neuroanatomy

  • Course Director(s): Jeter, Cameron
  • Semester: Fall
  • Frequency: Annually
  • Credit Hours: 1
  • Grading System: Letter Grade
  • Prerequisites:


Jeter, Cameron. One semester hour. Fall, annually. Grading System: Letter Grade. Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor.

This course will provide a broad overview of the structure and function of the central nervous system.  The general architecture of the nervous system and its functional systems are presented on plastinated specimen.  Plastination is a novel technique for preservation of the human body by replacing water content with polymers, creating specimen that are dry, odorless, durable, and nontoxic.  Professional anatomists pristinely dissected our specimen, which last 15-20 years, to exact specifications, allowing views of anatomical structures not commonly seen.  Graduate students will not only benefit from hands-on neuroanatomy laboratory sessions and a practical exam (an exam identifying structures on the brain specimen), but also from experience as teaching assistants in an interprofessional course.  Many PhDs will have teaching responsibilities in their careers.  This course specifically trains graduate students in neuroanatomy just prior to them teaching it to first-year dental students as part of their neuroanatomy training.  Graduate students will receive student evaluations from their dental students, both as feedback and proof of teaching experience.

Course Outline Graduate Neuroanatomy