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GS02 1174 Introductory Diagnostic Imaging Rotation

  • Course Director(s): Wendt, Richard
  • Semester: All Semesters
  • Frequency: Annually
  • Credit Hours: 4
  • Grading System: Pass/Fail
  • Prerequisites:


Wendt, Richard. Four semester hours. Spring, Summer and Fall, annually. Grading System: Pass or Fail. Prerequisites: Introduction to Medical Physics II (GS02 1103); Introduction to Medical Physics IV(GS02 1193); Radiation Detection, Instrumentation and Data Analysis (GS02 1053) and Introduction to Radiation Protection (GS02 1153). Introduction to Radiation Protection (GS02 1153) may be taken concurrently. Registration requires permission of instructor.

This rotation provides the student the opportunity to obtain clinical and practical exposure to diagnostic imaging and medical physics practices.  The student will observe patient diagnostic studies in radiology (e.g., general radiography, fluoroscopy, mammography, CT, MRI, ultrasonography) and nuclear medicine, will observe the process of radiological diagnosis, and will perform calibrations and quality-assurance tests on diagnostic imaging equipment.

The comprehensive oral final examination is patterned after the national board certification examination for diagnostic radiological physicists.