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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

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As scientists-in-training, it is our responsibility to enrich our communities through the ability to effectively communicate complex, innovative ideas to society at large.  Health issues are often multidisciplinary in nature, with intersections of modalities such as bioethics, economics, law, and public health. Recognizing these important connections is paramount to effective science communication.


We work with scientists-in-training to develop and enhance communicative measures to translate the knowledge present within the scientific community to the outside world. Effective science communication allows the ability to inform people about the benefits, risks, and other costs of their decisions, thereby allowing them to make sound choices. To this end, we develop and enhance skills in the domains of public speaking, writing for a non-scientific audience, basic programming and coding techniques, and scientific illustrations for graduate students and trainees at GSBS and the Texas Medical Center.


Officers 2017-2018

President:                       Jeanne Manalo

Vice President:             Iman Sahnoune

Secretary:                       Ryan Nini

Treasurer:                      Akash Mitra

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