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Scholarships and Fellowships

The application process for the following GSBS Fall 2013 Scholarships and Fellowships is being streamlined, and will require only one "common" application submission to apply for several awards which will be due on October 16th at 5:00 p.m. See details and common application form here.


American Legion Auxiliary Fellowships

Fellowships (currently in the amount of $5,000 each) are awarded to pre-doctoral GSBS students working on cancer-related projects.

Aaron Blanchard Research Award In Medical Physics

Kevin Casey

R. W. Butcher Achievement Award

                   ♦ Sarah Baum

Harry S. and Isabel C. Cameron Foundation Fellowship

                ♦ Cameron Brand

City Federation of Women's Clubs Endowed Scholarship in the Biomedical Sciences

                ♦ Vidyasari Vemulapalli

Cullen Trust for Higher Education Physician/Scientist Fellowship Program

Discovery Fellowships

         ♦ Natalie Sirisaengtaksin

         ♦ Curtis Neveu

Brittany Coughlin

Stuart Red    

The Antje Wuelfrath Gee and Harry Gee, Jr. Family Legacy Award

           ♦ Christin Ungewiss

Gigli Family Endowed Scholarship 

                    ♦ Emily Dominguez

Floyd Haar, M.D., Endowed Memorial Research Award in Memory of Freda Haar

                ♦ David Rushworth 

The Jacqueline T. Hecht Founding Director Scholarship

  • Created in 2010 to honor Dr. Jacqueline T. Hecht, Founding Director of the Program in Genetic Counseling, whose vision and leadership established and developed this into an outstanding Program, the only one in the State of Texas.
  • This Scholarship is to be used to help recruit exceptional new students or award outstanding current students in the Program in Genetic Counseling.
  • Provides $1,000 towards the recipient's tuition/fees.
  • Current Award Recipient:

♦ Shannon Mulligan (2nd year)
♦ Elizabeth Baack (1st year)
Rosalie B. Hite Fellowships

The T. C. Hsu Endowed Memorial Scholarship

               ♦ Sangita Pal

Investing in Student Futures Endowed Scholarship  

                 ♦  Dhananjay P. Thakur

Barbara L. Kennedy Memorial Scholarship

               ♦ Andrea Lewis

Robert W. and Pearl Wallis Knox Charitable Foundation Scholarship

               ♦ Nadeeka Dias

Marilyn and Frederick R. Lummis, Jr., M.D., Fellowship in the Biomedical Sciences

            ♦ Kaitlin Guiterrez-Reeh

Michael Farley Moyers Heavy Particle Therapy Graduate Student Travel Endowed Award 

Ming Yang

Dee S. and Patricia Osborne Endowed Scholarship In The Neurosciences

                ♦ Deepna Devkar

Presidents' Research Scholarships

The Presidents of UTHealth and UT MD Anderson Cancer Center provide these scholarships for senior GSBS doctoral students.

Presidents' Research Scholarships -- One-year scholarships in the amount of $5,000 are awarded to outstanding students who have advanced to Ph.D. candidacy and who have achieved distinction in research while a GSBS student. Past-presidents of the GSBS faculty review applications and make recommendations to the Deans.

               ♦ Kimberly Busiek

               ♦ Sarah Eagleman

               ♦ Brittany Parker

               ♦ Daniel Robertson

Sylvan Rodriguez Foundation Scholarship honoring George M. Stancel, Ph.D.

                 ♦ David Fried

The Fadine Jackson Roquemore Scholarship in Cancer Research 
    Established in 2012 by a longtime supporter of GSBS graduate students.

                ♦ Ji-Hyun Shin

Schissler Foundation Fellowships: Translational Studies of Common Human Disease

            ♦ Germaine Agollah

             Lindsey Minter

            ♦ Natoya Peart   

 Schissler Foundation Fellowships: Translational Studies in Cancer Research at MD Anderson Cancer Center  

               ♦ Atanu Paul 

Andrew Sowell-Wade Huggins Scholarships in Cancer Research

Andrew Sowell-Wade Huggins Professorship and Graduate Fellowship in Cancer Research

Pictured above are the 2013 Scholars with Marcia Huggins Jahncke, left, and Joann Sowell, far right. From the left of Huggins Jahncke: Mien-Chie Hung, Ph.D., Andria Schibler, Marco Leung, Aarthi Goverdhan, Brian Pickering, Carly Yang, Drew Deniger, Daniel Robertson. 

The George M. Stancel, Ph.D., Fellowship in the Biomedical Sciences

                ♦ Nicholas Parchim

Sam Taub and Beatrice Burton Endowed Fellowship in Vision Disease

                ♦ Mehmet Cihan Kadipasaoglu

Tzu Chi Scholarship Award for Excellence

            ♦ Germaine Agollah

            ♦ John Morrow

President James T. Willerson/Nancy Beamer Willerson Endowed Scholarship in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Thompson (2nd Year)

          ♦ Caiqian Wu

Roberta M. And Jean M. Worsham Endowed Scholarship

               ♦ Brittany Coughlin

The Wei Yu family Endowed Fellowship

                ♦ Donghyun Joo