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Conversations with Scientists!
Hearing other people’s stories can be helpful in understanding what career path is best for you. Click on an email below to request more information about individual career journeys.

Name Occupation
Mary Gronberg PhD Candidate, Medical Physics
Heather Sonnemann PhD Candidate, Immunology
Cherilynn R. Shadding, PhD Associate Dean

The GSBS Community Outreach program is committed to educating our community about the biomedical sciences. Below you will find educational resources, including science talks, presentations, and personal stories prepared by our own GSBS scientists.

Please contact us at if any links, content, or event information is inaccurate or out of date.

Meet a Scientist

Meet Dr. Cherilynn Shadding, Associate Dean at GSBS

Journeys to GSBS: Rachel Dittmar

Journeys to GSBS: Sonia Patel

Journeys to GSBS: Elisa Vesely

Journeys to GSBS: Marimar de la Cruz Bonilla

Journeys to GSBS: Malik Raynor

Journeys to GSBS: Paul Kurywchak

Journeys to GSBS: Vincent Bernard

Journeys to GSBS: Veronica Garcia

Journeys to GSBS: Unekwu Yakubu

Journeys to GSBS: Cavan Bailey

Journeys to GSBS: Jolie Schafer

Listen to graduate student Rachel Dittmar explain her research

Elevator Speech: Ayesha Khan

Elevator Speech: Alexis Mobley

Elevator Speech: Anna Casasent

Elevator Speech: Yi Liu

Elevator Speech: Fatma Yasar

Elevator Speech: Paulina Horton

Elevator Speech: Alexandra Berroyer

Elevator Speech: Mary Gronberg

Elevator Speech: Tanner Wright

Elevator Speech: Shikun Wang

Elevator Speech: Megan Livingston

Elevator Speech: Hanghui Ye

Elevator Speech: Natasha Kharas

Elevator Speech: Anupallavi Srinivasamani

Elevator Speech: Evan Gates

Elevator Speech: Carolina Garcia-Garcia

Elevator Speech: Naeh Klages-Mundt

Elevator Speech: Ryan Cassidy

Opportunities for Future Scientists


Age Group


Science Night

 Children ages 5-12 and their families

January 30, 2021

Summer Biomedical Academy

 High School Juniors and Seniors

October 2020

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