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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Due to our program reorganization, the information below applies only to students who joined the Cancer Biology Program prior to Fall 2017!

Prospective students, please click here to find a listing of our current reorganized Programs and the latest Cancer Biology Program information


Dr. Menashe Bar-Eli
Program Director

Dr. E. Scott Kopetz
Program Co-Director

Dr. Paul Chiao
Program Co-Director

Course Requirements

In addition to the general GSBS course requirements, the Cancer Biology Program requires the following courses:


Candidacy Exam Information -- Format: On-Topic Exam

Students who joined the Cancer Biology (CB) Program after 05/01/2015 are required to take an on-topic candidacy exam in which the research proposal is based on the student’s intended dissertation project.  The CB on-topic format follows the GSBS on-topic format except for the following features: