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Current graduate students enrolled full-time in The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) are supported by a financial policy , which provides a stipend, medical and dental benefits, tuition, and required fees to those with Graduate Research Assistantships.

Students fees enable students to use a number of facilities, including (1) GSBS computer services , which provides a UTHealth email account and the GSBS computer resource room; (2) UTHealth library facilities, including the Jesse Jones HAM/TMC Library and the MD Anderson Research Library; (3) the UTHealth Recreation Center; and (4) in-house UTHSCH counseling. Students may also avail themselves of GSBS ombudspersons, selected GSBS faculty who have volunteered to counsel students on a confidential basis.

The GSBS has an active and enriching Outreach Program   for students who desire to volunteer for community outreach activities. Graduate students seeking a laboratory may refer to a current listing of faculty seeking students . The Graduate Student Association  (GSA) also maintains a website with additional information of interest to students.


UTHSC-H's Annual Security Report is available electronically at
The report contains information on campus crime statistics and security measures.  Paper copies are provided by request. Contact The University of Texas Police Department at 713.792.2890 to obtain a paper copy of this report.