Institutional Training Grants

There are many institutional training grants to which GSBS students can apply. Each training grant is run independently by university faculty. Direct inquiries about eligibility and application dates to program contacts.

External Fellowships

GSBS maintains a list of common external funding opportunities for which GSBS students can apply for independent fellowship support. GSBS also helps students explore other funding agencies and mechanisms.

GSBS is pleased to offer INDIVIDUAL FELLOWSHIP application assistance.

Tell us of your plans by contacting Dr. Kelly Ann Moore at least 3 months prior to submission deadline.

Preliminary Meeting

We will organize a preliminary meeting with you, your mentor, and Kelly Ann Moore approximately 3 months prior to the institutional deadline.  At this meeting, we will:


Boilerplates & Special Forms

Individual Fellowship applications are unlike institutional training grants and R01 research grants.  For instance, there is no budget required, and you must include a description of “Selection of Sponsor and Institution”, along with other unique pieces.  While you and your mentor are responsible for designing and writing your research and training plan, we can provide “boilerplates” for the standard sections.


Submission Timelines & Checklists

Each funding agency or NIH Institute may have slightly unique application requirements, and each UT institution (UTHealth vs MD Anderson) has additional internal forms and review procedures.  Based on your chosen funding agency and your UT institution, we will provide you with a timeline and checklist illustrating Agency and UT requirements, as well as points-of-contact for troubleshooting (e.g., your designated OSP specialist, Agency program officer).  In addition, Kelly Ann Moore will send you timely reminders as submission milestones approach.


 Note: We also can help pair you with existing applicable Training Grant slots across the Houston Area.

Contact Dr. Kelly Moore (713.500.9874) in the GSBS Deans' Office to get started.