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Dr. Nidhi Sahni

Dr. Nidhi  Sahni

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Assistant Professor

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Epigenetics & Molecular Carcinogenesis
The Virginia Harris Cockrell Cancer Research Center

My laboratory is located in Smithville, Texas, at UT Science Park

My laboratory is focused on systems biology of human cancer, integrating large-scale computational genomics and high-throughput experimental platforms to address fundamental problems in the modern era of personalized or precision medicine. The lab seeks a systems-level understanding of the underlying genetic and epigenetic aberrations in cancer heterogeneity and immunity. We aim to identify novel biomarkers and drug targets, and to have a major impact on cancer by translating into more effective prognosis and therapy for human cancer. 

We use an advanced set of state-of-the-art technologies, including high-performance computing, signaling network analysis, Gateway technology, high-throughput screening, genome editing, proteomics and next-generation sequencing. To achieve systematic and significant insights in cancer progression, my lab focuses on the following areas:

(I). Systematic computational analysis of signaling networks in human cancer;

(II). Develop robust bioinformatics and computational algorithms to prioritize driver mutations from next-gen sequencing data;

(III). High-throughput CRISPR screens and proteomics to identify driver events contributing to tumorigenesis;

(IV). Functional characterization of genomic mutations in cancer cell models 

Tutorials in my laboratory can include a wide range of topics in systems biology, including computational analysis, statistics, bioinformatics, molecular biology, proteomics, and biochemistry. The integration of these technologies will provide valuable insights into genomic mutation-mediated signal transduction network alterations in cancer biology.


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Phone: 512.237.9506


Office: MDA SRA1.120 (Unit 0116)


Ph.D. - The University of Iowa - 2010


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