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William D. Erwin

 William D.  Erwin

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Senior Medical Physicist

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Imaging Physics

My primary research interest is the development of quantitative radionuclide imaging and radionuclide dosimetry techniques for treatment planning of therapy with internally administered radionuclides. Current 2D imaging and dosimetry areas of research include: scatter, collimator septal penetration and attenuation compensation methods for quantitative imaging; and mass correction of organ absorbed dose based on CT volume estimates. Current 3D imaging and dosimetry areas of research include: radionuclide-specific attenuation coefficient maps from co-registered CT images; 3D iterative SPECT reconstruction incorporating resolution beam modeling and corrections for attenuation, scatter and septal penetration; quantification of organ and tumor absolute radioactivity based on SPECT or PET reconstructed images, and mass based on anatomical or functional 3D image volume estimates; and voxel-based dosimetry based on registered quantitative SPECT or PET and CT images and radiation transport techniques.

A tutorial in my laboratory would provide the student with experience in either: theory and operation of nuclear medicine imaging systems, including hybrid SPECT/CT or PET/CT scanners; theory and operation of SPECT iterative reconstruction techniques; methods of quantifying radioactivity in nuclear medicine images; or radiation dosimetry of internally administered radionuclides.


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Phone: 713.794.4256


Office: MDA CPB5.3319 (Unit 1352)


M.S. - DePaul University - 1991