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Dr. Laurence E. Court

Dr. Laurence E.  Court

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The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Radiation Physics

Two example projects:

Spatial uncertainties when integrating endoscopy reports, radiotherapy plans and CT images for dose-response studies (esophageal stricture): Late esophageal toxicity can significantly impact the quality of life of long-term survivors, specifically their ability to swallow. This project will look at the spatial uncertainty in mapping data from endoscopy reports to radiotherapy plans. The next step will be to correlate the spatial dose distribution with the incidence of stricture (this is the precursor to a PhD project).

CT-based assessment of toxicity for dose-response studies: The esophagus is a dose limiting structure when we try to escalate the dose to lung tumors – so there is a need to better understand the relationship between the spatial dose distribution and the patient symptoms. Esophagitis can be identified in CT images. The first step (this tutorial) will be to correlate the CT findings with patient symptoms. The next step will be to correlate tissue damage with dose data, and investigate possibilities of dose escalation (this is the precursor to a PhD project).

Techniques: image registration; intra- and inter-modality registration; statistical analysis of dose-response; treatment planning


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Office: MDA FCT8.6014 (Unit 1420)


Ph.D. - University College London - 1995