MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences


PhD Students

Students are funded by a Sponsor and funding includes a Graduate Research Assistantship GRA) salary, benefits, and tuition & required fees (T&F).
PhD students have a Stipend Level (gross salary) of $32,000/year.
Students can qualify for resident in-state T&F rate if he/she holds a paid GSBS GRA title position. 

PhD students cannot undertake outside activities, including employment of any kind, that will interfere with their educational program or delay their progress toward their PhD degree.  

Any exceptions to this policy will be made by the Deans only if the activity proposed by the student (1) can be justified in contributing in some fashion to his/her training as a researcher/teacher, and (2) Involves no more than 80 hours of effort over the course of an academic year.  Furthermore, students who participate in extracurricular activities which require a substantial involvement of time must obtain the approval of their advisor prior to initiating the activity.

Students who receive a paid GRA appointment are considered to be half-time (50%) student employees of the State.  Thus GRA's must follow all applicable employment policies of the institution in which they are appointed (UTHealth or UT MD Anderson).
PhD students may be eligible for the combined award policy (130% Rule) under specific conditions.  Click here for more information.