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How should I answer the Health Insurance Certification Hold?

It depends on whether you have insurance coverage or not for the upcoming semester.  Follow the Health Insurance Certification Guide when completing your certification.

Payroll & Benefits

I am a paid Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) and haven't received my W-2 Form yet.  Who should I contact?

That depends on the institution (UT MD Anderson or UTHealth) in which you received your GRA paycheck.  If you were paid by more than one institution within one tax year, you should contact both institutions.  Click Helpful Resources for the Payroll contacts at both institutions.

Tuition & Fees

When is the deadline to pay tuition & fees?

It varies each semester.  Check the GSBS Registration website on the latest information for the upcoming semester.


I will be working at UT MD Anderson.  Do I need a UT MD Anderson badge?

You do not.  Your MD Anderson UTHealth GSBS dual badge is the only badge you need.

Who do I contact for badge access to a UT MD Anderson lab or building?

If you are an enrolled student, your GSBS dual badge has been set up to allow you access to the following: BSRB entrance and 4th floor Sky Bridge, GSBS computer lab, and UTHealth McGovern Medical School entrance. For badge access to a specific lab or building at UT MD Anderson, contact the department where you are appointed.