MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

UT GCP Governance

  1. GCP Faculty Meetings

Mission: To provide a forum for open communication between GCP leadership and faculty by disseminating information, performing core competency evaluations of the students, and eliciting feedback.

Members: All individuals associated with GCP student supervision

  1. GCP Advisory Board

Mission: To ensure the relevance of the GCP by proposing changes to meet the evolving needs of the genetic counseling profession; by promoting the GCP in the greater community and by providing a forum for discussion of GCP Faculty concerns.

Members: Core planning committee and representatives from major areas of GC growth

  1. Core Genetic Counselor Group

Mission : To assess the effectiveness and improve the GCP by evaluating curriculum, rotations, students, and interviews; by setting goals and writing objectives; by providing feedback and education for thesis committee members, supervisors, and lecturers.

Members: Program directors and at least one member from each major area of specialization Claire Singletary, Jennifer Czerwinski, Myla Ashfaq, Molly Daniels