MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

UT GCP Governance

  1. GCP Faculty Meetings

Mission: To provide a forum for open communication between GCP leadership and faculty by disseminating information, performing core competency evaluations of the students, and eliciting feedback.

Members: All individuals associated with GCP student supervision

  1. UTGCP Advisory Board

Mission:  To ensure the relevance of the UTGCP by proposing changes to meet the evolving needs of the genetic counseling profession; by promoting the UTGCP in the greater community and by providing a forum for discussion of UTGCP Faculty concerns.

Members:  Core planning committee and representative from major areas of GC growth

  1. UTGCP JEDI (Justice Equity Diversity Inclusion) Committee

Mission:  UTGCP’s mission is to graduate a student body that consistently includes underrepresented minorities, to nurture and grow an inclusive environment for underrepresented genetic counselors, to actively make the profession of genetic counseling accessible and equitable to all interested students, and to continue learning from our mistakes to ensure this commitment. 

Members:  UTGCP Faculty, fieldwork supervisors, and alumni who are passionate about JEDI in GC: Aranza Gonzalez Cendejas (Chair), Myla Asfaq, Rebecca Carter, Carla McGruder, Brittanie Morris, Aarti Ramdaney, Grace Tran, Sarah Khan, Sara Wofford, Dr. Cherilynn Shadding (ad hoc, Dean’s office)