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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences


Mentorship Program

The mentoring program provides a support network for the first year genetic counseling students. Each first year student is paired with a second year student, and they are encouraged to meet regularly throughout the first semester and to continue the relationship throughout the year. The second year students provide peer insights into how to successfully traverse the challenges that new graduate students. Their unique first-hand experiences are invaluable to the first year students.

Academic Advisor Program

In order to optimize the communication between graduate students and faculty, students in the GCP are matched with an academic advisor who will aid them throughout their time in the program. The academic advisors are members of the genetic counseling program faculty. The objectives of this program are to:

Open lines of communication between students and supervisors

Here is what some of our graduates have said about the value of this program:

“Having one of the program faculty as an academic advisor was extremely helpful to me. Not only did I have someone to talk to about how classes, rotations, and my thesis were going and to get advice from, but I also had a person I could just talk to about how things in general were going and to come to with any issues or problems that arose in my life. It was nice having that extra support.”

“The relationship I had with my academic advisor was pivotal in my genetic counseling training. Just knowing there was a forum to discuss issues, problems and clinical work was extraordinarily valuable.”