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Responsibilities and Expectations of G&E Program Faculty Members

Faculty of the Genetics & Epigenetics Program (G&E) are expected to be active in the G&E community through academic, scientific and social program activities – please make note of the recommendations below. Our faculty should mentor their students to become critical thinkers, and as appropriate, encourage their students to join the G&E Program. It is the individual responsibility of a faculty member to track her/ his own contributions towards G&E. A summary of service will be requested from each faculty member that comes up for evaluation by the Program Steering Committee.


--G&E Steering Committee
--G&E Education Committee
--G&E Community Committee
--G&E Communications Committee
--Admissions Area Review Subcommittee
--Retreat Organizing Subcommittee
--Spring Symposium Organizing Subcommittee
--Awards Review Subcommittee
--Host Rotation Talks
--Other Ad Hoc Subcommittees

Participate/ Attend – Expected

Participate – Appreciated