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Translations of Classic Scientific Papers

This project was initiated by the desire to read primary papers in our field. However, some of these papers were written in languages that we do not understand.

Lucien Cuénot

Our first project was to translate Lucien Cuénot's paper La Loi de Mendel et l'Heredite de la Pigmentation chez les Souris (1902) from French into English: Mendel's Law and Heredity of Pigmentation in Mice. This paper was the first to show that Mendel's Laws applied to animals (he used mice in his studies). We used Google to generate initial translations that were then edited by Phil Soriano, a native speaker. As with all translations, the translator must choose words very carefully to convey what they believe was the intended meaning of the original author. Since our initial translation into English, the Cuénot paper has been translated into multiple languages so that students and researchers of genetics can read this classic paper in their own language. More translations in other languages will be added. We thank our volunteer translators: Youmna Atieh, Vanessa Barone, Ida Chow, Viktor Feketa, Marina Galanternik, Jovanka Gensel Augusto, Seol Hee Im, Irina Larina, Oscar Ruiz, Philippe Soriano, Chang-Ru Tsai, Marina Venero Galanternik, Irene Yan, Shou-Ting Yen.

Johannes Müller

The Cuénot paper was relatively short. For our next project, Dagmar Wilhelm and I are translating Johannes Müller's paper Bildungsgeschichte der Genitalien aus Anatomischen Untersuchungen an Embryonen des Menschen und der Thiere nebst einem Anhang über die chirurgische Behandlung der Hypospadia (1830) from German into English (Development of the Genitals from Anatomical Studies on Human and Animal Embryos, along with an Appendix on the Surgical Treatment of Hypospadias). This paper describes the development of the gonads and reproductive tract organs in multiple species, including amphibians, birds, reptiles, and mammals. The manuscript is over 150 pages. Therefore, we will be posting the manuscript in sections. Ralf Krahe, Elke Ober, and Tatjana Piotrowski have been helping with the translations.

Please let us know if you find any errors in these translations. 

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